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We are always open to cater our best services for Industrial Piping Products.

The quality of our products, engineered by us has been hailed and vouched by numerous companies and MNC’s across the world. Since dealing with the most successful clients, we have realized the global requirement & its need for superior quality.

Looking for good corrugated pipe extrusion machine for your business? Orionfrontiers, 22 yeares experience in pipe extrusion machinery manufacturing, has more than 10 patents for corrugated pipe extrusion machinery. As the top level supplier in China, Orionfrontiers’s corrugated pipe machinery exported more than 60 countries. You can find double wall corrugated pipe extruder, single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line, Steel reinforce pipe extrusion line. 


 Top pipe extrusion machine factory in China, dedicates to manufacturing and exporting various pipe extrusion line more than 20 years, our solid-wall pipe extrusion machinery got more than 18 national patents. Our pipe extrusion machine can produce such as PE water & gas pipe, HDPE hollow wall winding pipe, PVC pipe, PP-R pipe, PP pipe, PB pipe etc. Pipe diameter range from 16mm to 2500mm

Spiral Corrugated Extrusion

In recent years, composite pipe is becoming more popular, especially plastic and steel composite pipe: it has both advantages of plastic pipes and steel pipes, also eliminates disadvantages of both pipes.

For example, PE steel belt reinforced corrugated pipe is one of the plastic and steel composite pipes which is extensively used in water drainage and other applications.

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We are expert in supplying better machines with cost effective solutions and we are experienced in Oil & Gas, Fertilizers, Petrochemical, Refinery and Power project. Our steel machines are with superior quality and ensure high reputation among our customers. Hope this will be a good start of our long term cooperation.

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